DataWave Testing Services technical department is dedicated to performing the empirical product & web development of comprehensive quality controls.

Either before developing a newly designed product or when stubborn quality issues persist uncorrected by the developer, DataWave Solutions Services recommends thorough testing.

Our coordination can prove to be a huge value-adding service, especially in cases where multiple labs must be contracted to perform different tests on product development in the industry.

QC Check-lists are often the core of any effective quality control program. The check-list is important in two distinct ways. First, the check-list is of course used by DataWave Solutions services technical auditors to thoroughly check every aspect of a client’s products. Second, the check-list also acts as a central resource that documents the specific quality standards that the client expects, and the development team will be evaluated on.

This ensures that all parties are aware of, and have acknowledged the product specifications and requirements.Our testing checklist includes load testing, stress testing, unit testing, system testing, acceptance testing, certification testing, performance testing, user acceptance testing, penetration testing, automated testing, beta testing, compatibility testing, security testing, benchmark testing, functional testing, negative testing, destructive testing, integration testing, regression testing, alpha testing, end to end testing, path testing, smoke testing, black box testing, stability testing, usability testing.

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