Infrastructure Services


Infrastructure Services

DataWave Network Management Service is designed to manage and support processes for Local Area Networks (LAN) and Wide Area Networks (WAN). Our advanced network managed services model is broader in scope and more consultative in approach than traditional providers, delivering optimal results and cost-savings without compromising.

Our offerings will help you to improve efficiency and uptime, while minimizing costs. We work with you closely to optimize your investment, as well as increase the effectiveness and productivity of the resources you already have, and achieve the ultimate goal of adding the minimum equipment or systems that will make your operations more efficient.

As your dedicated technology partner, we pledge full responsibility for your remote network support, day-to-day operations and maintenance.

Our Offerings:
  • Network Operations
  • Monitoring and reporting
  • Troubleshooting and problem resolution
  • Network utilization capacity management
  • Connectivity troubleshooting and monitoring
  • Performance and availability management
  • Standard monthly reports, including network service reports and incident reports

    BCP/DR Services
    Disaster Recovery & Business Continuity process IT is unarguably the backbone of an organization, and its criticality grows proportionally with the growth of the organization. In today’s world of business unpredictability, natural and man-made disasters underscore the importance for disaster recovery and a business continuity plan to make your business disruption-proof.

    With DataWave Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity Plan offerings, you can secure your enterprise applications, customer and organizational data, as well as the non-IT assets – offices and facilities, key organizational members, ensure crisis communication and enable reputation management.

    Ensure business continuity with our comprehensive, end-to-end BCP and DR solutions: Strategic Consulting We accurately assess your business processes and identify concern areas using our business Impact Analysis and Review services. With extensive expertise and technology know-how, we provide tailor-made DR solutions as per your business needs.

    Monitoring and Management
    Our tool-based DR plan is a proven and bankable solution. We conduct regular reviews and perform updates and periodic switch back/switch over drills, keeping the DR plan crisis-ready.

    Deployment and Implementation
    Our experience-rich implementation team has the necessary technology expertise to manage implementations and engineer the solution deployment effectively. We also work on alternate strategies, cost-benefit analysis and funnel-down the best-possible solutions for you.

    Operating System (OS) Services
    DataWave Operating System (OS) service offerings deliver the combination of flexibility, reliability, security and performance your company demands. DataWave provides expert OS services for Windows and Open Source based service environments.

    DataWave employs a variety of tools and accelerators based on hundreds of previous support and implementation projects to provide more rapid, cost effective and highly reliable services.

    DataWave approach to faultless, highly documented best practices based deployments is second to none, read any one of our testimonials and case studies to see just how far beyond perfection we aim on every project.
    DataWave customizes its services with your company in mind while adding additional skill sets, standards, best practices and improvements.

    Data Center Management services
    It includes deployments, which were supposed to integrate IT industry and facility management disciplines to centralize monitoring, management and intelligent capacity planning of a data center forms a critical factor.

    Middleware services
    Middleware services includes selection of the correct configuration of middleware infra, keeping in mind the future need to scale up for the hardware.

    Other offerings:
  • Clustering
  • Virtualization
  • Implementation Strategy
  • Architecture Planning
  • Testing and Prototyping
  • OS products that we support:
  • Oracle Solaris
  • RedHat/Suse Linux
  • Virtualization products that we support:
  • Vmware
  • Hyper-V
  • Oracle VM
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